An Investigation
Demonstrating the Chronic Systematic
Subversion of British Justice

A personal voyage which exposes the collusion of multiple
systems of governance to fundamentally undermine the rule of law as laid down by parliament

The truth can wait, for it lives a long life

Struggle against corruption

The dossier contained on this website is intended to give a succinct record of my thirty year struggle against corruption and criminality perpetrated against my person by the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames local authority aided by a system comprising the Law Society, the Bar Council, myriad solicitors, the Government Department of Official Receivers, the Land Registry, the Legal Aid Board, the Solicitor's Indemnity Fund, the Metropolitan Police and even the British Courts.

Our mission

The attached dossier documents multiple examples of systems of governance which violate common standards of honesty and decency. We seek to eradicate such laws and statutes which are clearly not fit for purpose and as such undermine the ancient laws of this country as well as diminishing basic human rights.

We call for the immediate abolishment of the solicitor's indemnity fund and a complete overhaul of legal aid legislation as well as the abolishment of leasehold law. Additionally, we demand a new bill of rights to reverse the surreptitious diminishment of the right to trial by a jury of peers together with the erosion of other civil rights. My personal experience documented in the dossier shows unequivocally that policing in this country has become corrupted by its close association with local government. Root-and-branch reform of the police is long overdue and needs to be undertaken with the utmost urgency.

We call for an immediate public enquiry into my own and similar cases.  Our goal is the creation of a new legislated charter of conduct under criminal law covering all aspects of the Civil Service including the Police, the judiciary and the courts system of this country.

Read for yourselves

I implore readers to examine this dossier and see for themselves the corruption at the heart of the British establishment which I have uncovered after three decades of painstaking investigation.